On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Janis Brewer (R) signed Senate Bill 1070, the most radical immigration legislation in the United States, effectively permitting racial profiling in the state of Arizona. The law requires police to demand immigration papers from anyone who they have a "reasonable suspicion" is in the country illegally. This blog will chronicle the major events regarding this racist and inhumane law.
We enthusiastically encourage a boycott of the State of Arizona until the law is repealed.


Troubling NYT/CBS Poll: Majority Favors AZ Law

via The New York Times

"The overwhelming majority of Americans think the country’s immigration policies need to be seriously overhauled. And despite protests against Arizona’s stringent new immigration enforcement law, a majority of Americans support it, even though they say it may lead to racial profiling.... But 51 percent said the Arizona law was “about right” in its approach to the problem. Thirty-six percent said it went too far and 9 percent said it did not go far enough...

The law has recharged the national debate over securing the border and what to do about the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country.

The Arizona law gives local police officers broad power to detain people they suspect are in the country illegally and check their legal status. Lawsuits have already been filed on several grounds, including the argument that it will lead to the racial profiling of legal residents and that the state has unconstitutionally intruded on federal authority.

Under a torrent of criticism, the Arizona Legislature and Gov. Jan Brewer made changes to the law on Friday that they say explicitly ban the police from racial profiling..."(READ MORE)