On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Janis Brewer (R) signed Senate Bill 1070, the most radical immigration legislation in the United States, effectively permitting racial profiling in the state of Arizona. The law requires police to demand immigration papers from anyone who they have a "reasonable suspicion" is in the country illegally. This blog will chronicle the major events regarding this racist and inhumane law.
We enthusiastically encourage a boycott of the State of Arizona until the law is repealed.


Understanding Minutemen Passion for SB 1070

Hate-filled screeds like those below are not hard to find. There are tons of videos like these on YouTube and other places. To really understand the sentiment behind Arizona's passage of SB 1070 last month, it is important to get a short unfiltered glimpse of the people who passionately support this law.

Most supporters of Arizona's immigration law would likely not be as public about their feelings, but you can bet that privately they probably agree with these folks. It is uncomfortable to watch but important in understanding the mindset of those who passionately advocated and fought for this disgraceful law. View with caution.