On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Janis Brewer (R) signed Senate Bill 1070, the most radical immigration legislation in the United States, effectively permitting racial profiling in the state of Arizona. The law requires police to demand immigration papers from anyone who they have a "reasonable suspicion" is in the country illegally. This blog will chronicle the major events regarding this racist and inhumane law.
We enthusiastically encourage a boycott of the State of Arizona until the law is repealed.


Texas Governor Against Arizona's SB 1070

He's for seccession but to his enormous credit, Texas Governor Rick Perry is rejecting Arizona's Law:

"Arizona's tough new illegal immigration enforcement law would not be right for Texas, Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, upholding the state's long-held tradition of rejecting harsh anti-immigrant policies.

"I fully recognize and support a state's right and obligation to protect its citizens, but I have concerns with portions of the law passed in Arizona and believe it would not be the right direction for Texas,"

Other high-profile Republicans who have spoken out against Arizona's law are: Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Connie Mack, Linda Chavez, Meghan McCain ( although her father supports it), Lincoln Diaz Balart, Joe Scarborough, and, shockingly, Tom Tancredo. Other Republicans have voiced only soft opposition such as Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham.