On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Janis Brewer (R) signed Senate Bill 1070, the most radical immigration legislation in the United States, effectively permitting racial profiling in the state of Arizona. The law requires police to demand immigration papers from anyone who they have a "reasonable suspicion" is in the country illegally. This blog will chronicle the major events regarding this racist and inhumane law.
We enthusiastically encourage a boycott of the State of Arizona until the law is repealed.


We're Going to Overturn this Unjust Racist Law

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Democrat, and civil rights activists spoke to thousands of people gathered at the state Capitol and called on President Barack Obama to fight the law, promising to march in the streets and invite arrest by refusing to comply.

"We're going to overturn this unjust and racist law, and then we're going to overturn the power structure that created this unjust, racist law," Grijalva said.(READ MORE)

An ironic statement (below) came from an Arizona Republican senator considering the number of high-profile Republicans and extreme right-wing talkers that are calling for the repeal of health care and vowing to break the law. A birther soldier was court martialed after refusing to be deployed to Afghanistan because he believed President was not an American. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, and Glen Beck have called for insurrection almost daily since Obama's election. Still Republican Russell Pearce said:

"State Sen. Russell Pearce, the Mesa Republican who sponsored the legislation, said it's "pretty disappointing" that opponents would call on the federal government to refuse to cooperate with Arizona authorities.

"It's outrageous that these people continue to support law breakers over law keepers,"
Pearce said Sunday."