On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Janis Brewer (R) signed Senate Bill 1070, the most radical immigration legislation in the United States, effectively permitting racial profiling in the state of Arizona. The law requires police to demand immigration papers from anyone who they have a "reasonable suspicion" is in the country illegally. This blog will chronicle the major events regarding this racist and inhumane law.
We enthusiastically encourage a boycott of the State of Arizona until the law is repealed.


Arizona Immigration Law Will Take Racial Profiling

–via The Los Angeles TImes

Look, it's an illegal, right? Arizona's anti-immigration law looks like it will take racial profiling to work.

"...Did you catch the part about "reasonable suspicion"? How is a cop going to know by sight who is or isn't legal? What about a person will elicit suspicion?

Opponents of the measure argue that the open-ended nature of "reasonable suspicion" will lead to widespread racial profiling of all Latinos. They're probably overstating their case. Something tells me someone who looks like, say, blond Mexican pop singer Paulina Rubio won't be stopped.

The truth is that Mexicans are hard to racially profile. Five hundred years of racial mixture has given many Mexican families a decidedly kaleidoscopic racial quality. To wit: Not everyone with Mexican ancestry shares the same skin color..."